Corporate Health Packages

It is no secret that an employee’s wellness is the key to the success of an organisation. Ninewells Hospital services are now accessible to corporates that wish for nothing less than the well-being of their employees. Our health packages are designed to meet the needs of today’s busy employee ensuring a healthier lifestyle for the individual and an efficient employee for the organisation. In addition to the specialised women and childcare services offered by the Hospital, Ninewells Hospital  provides a host of other services such as Radiology, Dental, ENT, Eye care, using our cutting edge equipment and professional expertise.

Agrahara Insurance Scheme

The National Insurance Trust Fund’s (NITF) Agrahara Insurance scheme represents one of the largest bodies of insurance beneficiaries, catering to nearly 700,000 state sector employees. In a gesture of gratitude for the service rendered to the country by state sector employees, Ninewells Hospital has partnered with NITF Agrahara Scheme to offer high quality medical services at affordable rates. Driven by a strong sense of duty towards this silent workforce, Ninewells hopes to be a strength to them during the most challenging times of their lives and provide them with the best medical care.