Operating Theatres

Ninewells operates a fully equipped theatre complex that uses the latest cutting-edge technology. As the leader in Women & Child care in Sri Lanka, Ninewells comprises of six theatres at the complex, where four theatres are specifically dedicated to Gynaecological and Obstetrical surgeries, among other specialties.

Functioning around the clock, our committed staff including matrons and nursing staff at the surgical department of Ninewells are trained to handle emergency situations.

In addition to the general open surgeries, our Operating Theatre complex conducts a range of laparoscopic surgeries as well. Noteworthy to mention are the experts at Ninewells who are highly trained and experienced to handle the laparoscopic surgeries, ensuring minimal scars, less pain and a minimal recovery period. Thus, a surgery of this nature at Ninewells offers you the ability cut back on your hospital stay and return to work quicker than expected.

Some of the laparoscopic surgeries that are conducted at Ninewells include removal of the womb/ part of the womb, removal of fibroids, removal of cysts in the ovary etc. Laparoscopic management of endometriosis, certain ectopic pregnancies, chronic pelvic pain, certain gynaecological cancers and Infertility treatment.


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