Every couple dreams of starting a healthy and happy family. Knowing that you need guidance on family planning, Ninewells conducts a Family Planning Clinic to provide health education for a successful marriage life.

At the Ninewells Family Planning Clinic, one of our priorities is to educate couples on contraceptive methods, along with the advantages and disadvantages for each. We are keen to share knowledge with you on the suitable time to have a baby, paying special attention to your medical conditions.

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Knowing how integral it is to maintain good health for both the mother and the baby, at our Ninewells Family Planning Clinic we advise on the possible gaps that should be kept between pregnancies (also known as birth spacing) as well as advice on preventing unplanned pregnancies.

Whilst educating the couple on possible side effects of each and every contraceptive method, we give the couple the freedom to select the most suitable method for them according to their convenience and health conditions.



Standing as the only private hospital specialising in women and child care in Sri Lanka, Ninewells tributes the ladies of the nation by conducting a “Well-Women Clinic” to ensure their well-being.

At our Ninewells Well-Women Clinic, your medical history will be taken by the medical officer, and relevant examinations will be carried out, including breast examination. Depending on the findings certain investigations will be offered.

Though women are likely to be detected with several breast conditions including breast cancer, with aging, an early detection truly helps to make these health conditions completely curable…

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If you are above 40 years, it is important to do a mammogram. At the Ninewells Radiology and Imaging Department we are equipped with cutting-edge mammogram machines which allows the patient to control the pressure exerted on their breasts according to their level of comfort. The machine provides a crystal clear 3D image without exposing the patient to increased amounts of radiation. Furthermore, the in-built biopsy arm has the ability to detect lesions and take the biopsy by itself with precision.

Ninewells also offers you the opportunity to conduct Pap Smear investigations whenever necessary. Pap smear investigations are done in order to detect cervical conditions including cervical cancer at an early stage. Based on the fast and accurate results provided by our investigations, if necessary, we will refer our clients to relevant consultants.



Unlike in the past where there were fewer cases of childhood obesity, today there is an increase of childhood obesity with 10% of Sri Lankan children being overweight. What the parents may not be aware of is that Childhood obesity may lead to illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and dyslipidemia. The child is likely to suffer from sleep disorders, asthma and joint problems as well.

We at Ninewells know how much you want to keep your child healthy, thus we have introduced a Childhood Obesity Clinic to help your child beat obesity and lead a content life.

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Through the programs conducted in our clinic, we strive to improve your child’s self-esteem and increase his/her participation in social activities without allowing obesity to get in his/her way.

At our child-friendly clinic setting, both you and your child can seek advice from our medical experts on how to manage your child’s weight so as to prevent obesity and its complications. Since there will be group sessions in which your kid may participate, he/she will be placed in an anxious free environment with their peers, who are undergoing the same treatment programme as they are.

Offering your child the best quality care, our Childhood Obesity Clinic provides you the following services:

  • Specialist led clinic
  • Monthly pre-scheduled clinics
  • Obesity related complications screening
  • Check for underlying medical causes
  • Group therapy
  • Child friendly counselling
  • Nutritional advice
  • Advice on physical activities
  • Monthly monitoring charts
  • Individual goal setting and motivational plans
  • Regular monitoring of weight, height and BMI

Call/Text us today to register your child: 071 636 9000 (Ms. Padhi)



As we are committed to providing you with the best quality of care to make Sri Lanka a healthy nation, Ninewells Hospitals has taken up the responsibility of introducing several health packages at our Healthy Living Centre. These tailor-made health screen packages are designed to address the specialised needs of our customers.

Inclusive in the health screening packages provided by Ninewells Healthy Living Centre are Diabetic screening packages, General health screening packages, Preventive Health Care Packages etc. In addition, knowing that the oncological conditions of our patients should be addressed separately, we have introduced a Cancer screening package for both men and women.

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For the sporty spirit of the nation, a sports and fitness check health screening package is also available. In addition, for the busy professionals, we provide executive health check-up packages along with a food handlers’ checkup.

For more info, contact us on 0112 049 949



Most young couples who are about to tie the knot, enter the bliss of marriage with great hopes for their future. Intending to add an extra glow to their together-forever love story, we, at Ninewells conduct Pre-Marital Counselling clinics.

After marriage, the couple can visit our clinic where their medical history will be taken down by the doctor to address their requirements and concerns.  Realising that the younger generation should be well educated on sexual health, at our Pre-marital Counselling Clinic, we offer health education on female and male sexual health and reproduction. Moreover, we will recommend that the young couples who visit us take the necessary pre-marital vaccinations, such as the HPV vaccination, Rubella and Varicella vaccination which is offered at Ninewells Vaccination Centre.

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such as the HPV vaccination, Rubella and Varicella vaccination which is offered at Ninewells Vaccination

Some of the other services provided at our Pre-marital Counselling Clinic include:

  • Advice on when to plan a pregnancy depending on age and other factors
  • Education on available contraceptive methods, their advantages & disadvantages and help for the couple to choose the best contraceptive method for them
  • Sexual Education and Counselling
  • Depending on the medical history and risk factors, the couple will be offered the most relevant investigations.
  • Screen for Thalassaemia and other blood disorders.
  • Prescribing pre-conceptional Folic Acid & other relevant medication