One of the key factors of staying healthy is consuming a balanced diet, which is hygienically safe. Ninewells Hospital Food & Beverage Department is committed to serve you and your loved ones with delicious and nutritional meals.

Our Food & Beverage Department is assessed and certified by the Medical Research Institute of Sri Lanka. The entire process, beginning with choosing the right menu, right up till the delivery of the meal, is handled in a hygienic manner.

We realise your tastebuds might be used to a variety of cuisine!

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We therefore offer a wide range of meals to cater to our local and foreign patrons. The Ninewells Food & Beverage Department is dedicated to addressing your meal preferences and works tirelessly around the clock to serve you with hot and fresh fare.

Our kitchen staff consists of a professional team which is trained to provide healthy, hygienically safe, delicious meals to each and every patient and visitor.

Ensuring the hygiene and safety of our patients and visitors at Ninewells is our prime concern. Our kitchen staff undergoes screening regularly in order to detect any diseases to prevent cross transmission.



Healthcare associated infections are a major concern in hospitals worldwide. Our focus at Ninewells is to ensure our patients safety and to aid their speedy recovery. We at Ninewells hospital take every possible step to protect our patients, staff, and visitors from exposure to  infections within the hospital.  In order to accomplish this, we have established an effective Infection Prevention and Control program at Ninewells. The infection prevention and control program is run by the infection control unit headed by a consultant Microbiologist and a senior nursing sister who has had special training in infection control. Our mission is to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and visitors by providing a safe environment within our hospital premises.
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We continually clean, monitor and sterilise our facilities, and go so far as to engage in line management, waste management, and pest control.

We at Ninewells are committed to protect our dedicated staff so that they can provide you with the best quality care. We have therefore implemented a staff immunisation program to ensure the safety of our employees.



At Ninewells, we care deeply about the safety and well-being of our patients, visitors and staff alike. Therefore we take every possible precaution to prevent the spread of infections by keeping our hospital environment healthy and free of harmful micro-organisms.

Ninewells operates a Central Sterile Service Center (CSSD), which maintains the cleanliness of the hospital. Through the CSSD all medical devices, consumables and other equipment are sterilised to destroy any and all microorganisms, including bacterial spores. The Central Sterile Service Center at Ninewells is committed to accomplish the recommendations of the World Health Organisation by preserving the hospital environment germ-free.

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In addition, as a pioneer in the women and childcare hospitals in Sri Lanka, Ninewells is dedicated to create an especially hygienic atmosphere in the operating theatres, labour rooms, and wards.



Unlike other large organisations and offices, hospitals should undertake special procedures to provide clean linen and clothing to their staff as well as to their patients. This dramatically reduces the rate at which infections spread and has played a large role in improving the overall quality of healthcare at Ninewells. Ninewells operates a laundry in order to provide clean and hygienic linen to all patrons and staff members. The laundered linen undergo disinfection procedures before being distributed to our patients and staff.

In order to offer you the best quality of care, our staff follows international standards for providing hygienically acceptable clean linen which is specifically recommended for use in a hospital. Ninewells enriches the comfort of our patients whilst ensuring the hygiene of regularly provided linen to patient rooms, operating theatre complex and other clinical areas.