Patient Care

Standing as the only private hospital in Sri Lanka dedicated to women and child care, Ninewells strives to provide the best quality care to our patients, aiding their speedy recovery. Complementing our other services, our priority is to foster a homely atmosphere for our patients whilst making them feel cared for in every possible way.

Ninewells Hospital is arranged in such a way that our patients can receive the utmost satisfaction from our services. Our welcoming staff attends to the individual needs of our in-patients as well as out-patients, to create a patient-oriented atmosphere.

As we are committed to provide easy access to our services at the hospital, we have introduced several 24/7 services.

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Furthermore, Ninewells Hospital is dedicated to creating a patient-friendly atmosphere that surpasses the measures of mainstream hospital culture. Thus, our professionals at Ninewells are ready to communicate with you around-the-clock to answer all your needs as required.

The rationale for us to implement state-of-the-art facilities at Ninewells is to enhance the degree of quality of our patient care. Through the cutting edge technological equipment available at Ninewells, we are able to quickly diagnose the illnesses of our patients and aid in their speedy recovery.

In addition, we strive to maintain our services on-par with international standards to provide our patients with the best quality health care in a homely environment.


Health & Safety

When you or your loved ones are unwell, the priority becomes speedy recovery! Our priority is to ensure your health and safety, along with aiding your recovery.

Whilst you are on the hospital premises, we make every effort to protect our patients, visitors and staff from any harm or hazard.

At the Ninewells premises, we step beyond the mainstream atmosphere of hospitals and we maintain a safe environment at all times. Moreover, we maintain quality indicators to ensure sterility in our hospital. Our hospital is conducting Acquired Infection Surveillance (AIS) to improve the overall quality of health care in the hospital.

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For the visitors and staff to comprehend this easily, there are safety signs displayed around the hospital premises.

Beyond the measures of physical safety, we strive to safeguard the wellness of our staff as well. Thus, the staff at Ninewells has undergone immunisation to prevent communicable diseases. We also focus on risk management, and have provided fire training and Basic Life Support Training (BLS) to all our staff. This BLS training is done in order to educate our staff on how to act during an emergency and how to contribute to the survival of the victim.

Furthermore, pest controlling measures are practiced at Ninewells. Believing prevention is of utmost importance, we have introduced the concept of incident reporting to keep track of the incidences which have a negative impact to patients or employees, to avoid any future occurrences of the same events.

By implementing this proactive health and safety practice at Ninewells, we have been able to provide the best quality care to our patients in a safe and sound environment.


Hospital Environment

-The ONLY dedicated women and childcare private hospital in Sri Lanka-

By understanding that women and children are unique groups in society and that their needs are quite specific, Ninewells hospital operates as the sole mother and baby care private hospital in Sri Lanka.

We pride ourselves in providing women and children access to world-class health care. Everything you are looking for is right here!

We differ from other hospitals, as Ninewells is committed to offer you a homely and a cozy atmosphere that surpasses the boundaries of a hospital.

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Our friendly medical and non-medical staff will always welcome you with a lasting smile.

Ensuring the safety of patients, any child or mother who visits Ninewells is undoubtedly attracted to the peaceful and tranquil nature in the hospital. We also offer a child friendly environment in the hospital with dedicated children’s play areas.

Situated in an easily accessible location in the commercial hub of Sri Lanka, Ninewells Hospital is located in Narahenpita, Colombo, offering ample space for parking which is free of charge for all of our customers.


We at Ninewells strive to provide you and your little one with the highest possible standard of health care in Sri Lanka, and a part of this is trying to do our part to create a better world for you and your new family. We believe in “Going Green”, and have taken several steps towards eliminating our dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Our focus on creating an eco-friendly atmosphere whilst serving our patients with the best quality care is something we are immensely proud of.

Instead of using electric heaters, we have installed solar panels that allow the laundry and kitchen backend operations to function using renewable energy.

This array of solar panels meets Ninewells entire requirement.

Ninewells hospital does not use a single electric water boiler in our facility.

Solar hot water is circulated to every patient room through distribution pumps that ensure our patient’s comfort.

Our back up energy system does not use fossil fuels, and does not draw electricity or require electric water boilers either.

Thermally insulated hot water storage for night usage.

Battery back up for all perimeter  lights for night time use.

All perimeter lights are lit up via Solar  panels.

Roof top solar panels meet the energy requirements for all perimeter lights at the hospital.

Ninwells Office Complex –There is no artificial lighting in any of the management rooms.
Natural light is absorped during the day via the newly designed tempered glass panels that wrap around the building.
All hospital floors and the patient rooms are designed to allow as much natural light through tempered blue glass that help us minimise our carbonfoot print to a great extent .
Ninewells Hospital uses only 100% LED lights for all its interior spaces for night time illumination.

Maintaining a living wall is a great expense but is one that adds to the peaceful and tranquil nature of the hospital. The wall is not coated by paints or chemicals and maintains a completely natural look, to immerse our clients in a serene space as they enter the hospital premises.