ENT Unit

Our ENT unit is equipped with cutting edge technology and a state-of-the-art ENT workstation which is ergonomically designed to simplify ENT OPD procedures. Ninewells ENT Unit is committed to fulfill the ear, nose and throat medical requirements of our clients. Serving both adults and children, at Ninewells patients may undergo ENT surgeries at an affordable price. Our ENT surgeons are dedicated to recommend to you the management options that would aid your speedy recovery from ENT related sicknesses.

At the Ninewells ENT Unit, we are able to carry out several ENT related tests adhering to modern standards to offer you effective and reliable results.

For newborn babies born at Ninewells, we offer a hearing test to assess the hearing of your baby to ensure their hearing ability and to detect any hearing defects early.

Enhancing your convenience, we at Ninewells Hospitals have provided you with the opportunity of consulting highly qualified ENT surgeons in our dedicated unit located in the North Wing.

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