Eye Clinic

Ninewells has a dedicated  paediatric ophthalmology unit, while addressing adults’ visual problems as well

Renowned as the only paediatric ophthalmology unit in the private healthcare industry of Sri Lanka, our  highly qualified Consultant Ophthalmologists are at hand to help our patients detect any vision problems early on, in order to provide them with prompt treatment. In addition, the Ninewells Eye Centre is staffed with expert optometrists.

For a child to develop to his or her fullest potential and achieve the heights of their wishes, good vision is integral. Furthermore, infants learn social behavioral norms through responding to what they see. Ninewells understands how important this is and has set up an Eye Centre, specialised for paediatric age groups, whilst providing adult eye care too.

To contact Ninewells Eye Center, call us on the direct number 0114 772 116


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